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"We are" series - Felicia & Anaïs

Sister beauties are a rare find in the fashion industry, more so with wit and intelligence. This week, our "we are" series gets bolstered up by the appearances of model siblings - Anaïs and Felicia Lagrosse, both from Vatel Business School Mauritius.


If Anaïs, the elder sibling of 22 years old, has recently been crowned Miss University Africa Mauritius and about to represent us soon at Nigeria, having contested formerly for Miss Universe Mauritius, Miss Creole, etc., then Felicia, aged 19, too, has been on the rise since her start back then in 2018.

Felicia says that she is particularly thankful to her elder sister Anaïs for making it so far in this highly competitive industry. “At Miss Creole pageant whence Anaïs stood out as first runner-up - Mr Chetan Singh, one of the best fashion photographers around, asked if she knew of someone as charismatic and tall as her. Ideally, the model should wear natural curls for his upcoming photo shoot. Forthright, Anaïs thought of me and suggested my name. This was how I earned myself my very first assignment" - she adds. 

Ever since, the 19-year-old brunette beauty would deliver photoshoots after the other for the likes of local magazines such as Lifestyle, Essentiel, NewStyle. She has also appeared at leading wedding expos and posed for the Fashion and Design Institute to boot.

In all actuality, the good-looking pair of sisters, originating from St Croix, is endowed with beauty more than skin deep, fulfilling their “Scout” cry during their spare time. Just like other young people, they have a thing for extracurricular activities. As Felicia indulges in her favourite hobby of playing basketball and drawing, Anaïs slams and is particularly passionate about sewing.

Not so long ago or since two months, Anaïs has in fact launched a dedicated hair accessories business called "Mo Ti Rev".  Rooted in creole style, the prices are as low as Rs 25. Anaïs amusingly states that “she is helped in her mundane tasks through her ghost assistant/sister Felicia”. 

Luckily for her client followers, Anaïs has other projects in the pipeline such as launching her own brand line of clothing. In the meantime she strives to make a name for herself, she also continues to aspire to become air hostess once she completes her studies. “Initially I had joined Vatel because I knew somehow beforehand that I wanted to be an air hostess but this is not my only objective, I wish to evolve in the management sector and Vatel has really perfected my communication skills”.

Should you wish to buy "Mo Ti Rev" accessories, go to:


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