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Hotel Management

choose hospitality and tourism management for an international career 

Tourism accounts for one job out of eleven throughout the world

  • During the past 60 years, tourism has been expanding and continually diversifying until it has become one of the most important and most dynamic economic sectors in the world.
  • According to the publication of the WTO* “Tourism Highlights 2015 Edition”, which gives long-term outlooks, the number of international tourists throughout the world will increase by 3.3% per year between 2010 and 2030 to reach 1.8 billion in 2030.
  • The number of international tourists arriving, meaning they are spending at least a night in a foreign country, crossed the one billion mark for the first time in 2012.
In this highly specialized field, executives and operational managers are still lacking. This is the reason why Vatel prepares the younger generations to build a sustainable future, in a demanding field; one where they will be able to expand their skill sets and achieve their professional ambitions. All of Vatel’s educational methods are designed to reach this goal.

Gain an international perspective and experience new cultures and languages.       
Be part of a sustainable and constantly growing industry.
Travel around the world.
Enjoy a multitude of career options.
Become an entrepreneur and develop new concepts.
Access career opportunities in other sectors, such as finance and luxury goods.

Hospitality - Tourism: all lights are green

The World Tourism Organization (WTO), is a United Nations institution. It is the main international organization playing a central and decisive role in promoting sustainable, responsible and accessible tourism. It is a global tribune in addressing issues concerning tourist policies.

Vatel is an Affiliate Member of UNWTO

Vatel, a springboard towards employment

More than just a degree, a profession

When they begin their career, Vatel alumni who decide to start working after their Bachelor in International Hotel Management, have operational middle management jobs in hotel chains: Front Desk Assistant Manager, Head Waiter, Restaurant Manager, Housekeeping Manager, Sales Assistant, Cost-Controller, etc.

Students graduating with an MBA in International Hotel Management are offered an open ended contract on average six month after graduation, in much larger companies. These types of jobs require more skills and managerial talents: Front Desk Manager, Deputy Restaurant and Catering Manager, Marketing Manager, Deputy Human Resources Manager, Revenue Manager, etc.

From students to Vateliens, the strength of the Vatel network 


alumni, a committed and interrelated network of Vateliens

As soon as they graduate, Vatel students become Vateliens. They are hired at high-responsibility jobs all over the world as these hundered different stories about their careers prove


Job offers around the world on the Vatel’s career management platform

At the end of your studies, you have access to the Vatel career management platform, which lists 38,000 job vacancies around the world. Vateliens work all over the world and are happy to invite you for an internship, to offer their advice or to write you a reference. 
What better way to get started?

“In Thailand, Vatel is seen as an excellent school for those who wouldlike to become senior executives in tourism or hotel management. […]People really appreciate its dynamic education founded on a mixturebetween theory and practical applications of them. The number ofstudents who apply each year proves this. And that’s a good thing forthe hospitality industry, as when you have students, down the roadyou’ll have qualified and appreciated employees!”


Class of 2014
Events Manager
Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok, Thailand

My Vatel professors set the route for my success. It’s just like if I had chosen to take the path leading to hotel management and they had transformed this little path into a huge avenue with many different roads intersecting with it - meaning the hotel departments where I did my practical application weeks - so that I would never lose my way in any hotel structure whatsoever.”

Class of 2006
General Director
Paradiso Hotel Group New Delhi, India

“In each of these internships, Vatel was not only known, but considered as a benchmark. That’s why I was able to be quickly considered as the team leader and why all the Vatel alumni who worked in the same hotel or in the same city helped me out. I quickly became aware that Vatel was not only a network of different schools, but first and foremost, a network of men and women present all over the world.”

Class of 2010
Senior Hotel Relations Manager
Egencia (Expedia) Paris, France

“There are a few Vateliens in my hotel and I’ve met a lot of Vatel alumni throughout my career. We’re always happy to see each other. Whenever I receive a resume from a Vatel alumnus, I always put it at the very top of the pile. If they’ve had the same education, I’ll always prefer a Vatelien!”

Class of 2003
Sales Manager
Hotel Metropole, Monaco

“My education at Vatel taught me all the different kinds of work there are in hospitality. With my internships and today in my professional life, I can see that the entire profession knows that Vatel students know how to work efficiently. From the very beginning, Vatel makes everyone want to do their best. Its curriculum gives us the tools that help us get out of our comfort zone and push our limits.”

Class of 2009
Deputy Director
Mexico Tourism Board Paris, France

“Hotel and wine management allow you to find work in many countries. Since I graduated, I’ve lived in four countries in five years. Vatel gave me an international exposure to the hospitality and wine world, which is a precious asset in a multi-cultured environment like Singapore.”

Aditya LAMBA
Class of 2016
Wine connoisseur 
DFS Group Limited, Singapore

An active network of professional partners

All the major economic players in the hotel and tourism industry meet with our students at conferences, forums and symposiums. They offer internships to our students and recruit our graduates. This ongoing relationship means that, from their first year, our students are in direct contact with the professional world, and Vatel’s training programmes are constantly evolving with the hotel industry.

Hotel groups are omnipresent in the Vatel curriculum. Besides active participation, through hosting and training interns, they inform students about conditions in the job market, in particular by speaking at conferences organized each year.In addition, our Vatel Group executives participate in seminars and key events in the hotel and tourist industry: the Global Lodging Forum, Worldwide Hospitality Award, etc.

“Our hotel usually hosts about thirty interns each year. Our staff members appreciate this, though they have a lot of efforts to make with the young students who often come a long way. They have to learn how to work together, respect each other and the other person’s culture. We teach them to love their work and the hotel guests. This learning path includes a meticulous attention to details, which requires a true ability of adaptation when you’re still a student. But it’s enriching for them and for us too! It’s indispensable to train the future generations.”

General Manager
Hotel Heritage Relais & Châteaux, Belgium

“I decided upon Vatel, because of its reputation and image, for our first partnership. I visited the Vatel Paris Campus and was immediately impressed by the equipment, the resources and above all, the culture that was taught to the students. [...] In addition, I had very high quality communication with staff members at Vatel. They were all very cooperative and promoted exchanges, from the selection process up to handling student visas. This professional approach really validated our partnership with Vatel.”

Moses CHEW
Director, Talent & Culture
Fairmont Olympic Hotel Seattle, USA

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