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Chahrazade BAROUDI

Digital Media Consultant

Class of 2013

Genève, Switzerland Return

Since 2018 Chahrazade BAROUDI is Digital Media Consultant in Geneva.


Here’s a letter from Chahrazade Baroudi, class of 2013, for Vatel Lyon:

“Dear Madam, 

I’ve attached the contract I signed yesterday morning (with my Vatel class of 2013 pen) in the Qatar Museums Authority office.  I’m the new Sales & Marketing Manager in charge of developing the F&B sector, by Alain Ducasse for the Museum of Islamic Art, in Doha, Qatar.

A challenge that makes my head spin, as I was far from thinking I would land such a job so quickly. You gave me the opportunity to do my Postgraduate Degree at Vatel. None of this would have been possible elsewise. 

I’ll leave you now! I’ve got an innovative marketing plan to present at the end of the week. Kind regards,”
Chahrazade Baroudi

Chahrazade will give us more details in her Success Story below.


Why did you decide to study in hotel management?

I like to travel, have new experiences, as well as seeing different cultures and hotel and restaurant concepts. When I was checking out job vacancies and career opportunities, I saw that this sector had great possibilities for someone like me.This field is less impacted by the economic crisis than others. 


Why did you decide to go to Vatel?

I was aware that the school’s reputation would be an asset for me and Vatel lived up to its promise.

Vatel found me my 2011 internship at the Ritz Carlton in Doha, Qatar. My 2012 Management Training request was accepted at The H Dubai Hotel because of Vatel’s reputation. In the Middle East, Human Resources recruit based on the school’s reputation. When I was interviewing for my job at Qatar Museum Authority, they already knew what kind of school Vatel was.


Do you have any particular memory of your studies at Vatel that you think will help you in your professional life?

When I was doing my Foundation Year, the practical application weeks weren’t easy, but I learned so much! For example, for a week, I worked with the cleaning ladies. That’s how I found out that you needed a strong character to assume all these physical and often trying tasks. Thank to this though, as a Manager, I understand what a waiter, a clerk, or a cleaning lady can feel.

We had a lot of work in the first year of our Postgraduate Degree. A lot of group work, presentations and homework, where you had to be disciplined.  Living up to Vatel’s expectations was a true challenge for me. Nevertheless, in my internships and in my current job, I stood out and still do, thanks to this “work stamina” I acquired.


Can you present the museum that hired you? What will you be doing?

I’ll be working for Qatar Museum Authority, headed by Sheikha Mayassa, who has the vision of making Doha the cultural capital of the Middle East. 

I’ll work with one of our restaurants, with Alain Ducasse Enterprise.  

I manage the Sales, Marketing and Special Events departments of the Doha Museum of Islamic Art. That represents three coffee shops and restaurants, a caterer and the first Alain Ducasse restaurant in the Middle East: IDAM.


Can you tell us a bit about the job interview? What made you stand out from the others in your opinion?

I was recruited in Paris. At the beginning, I didn’t know which job I was going to be interviewed for. The job interview itself was psychologically trying. Far from European human resources procedures.

They had a very intimidating strategy. As soon as I arrived in Doha, I learned that the recruitment team preferred a strong character to job experience. During the interview, at a certain moment, I felt like I had to take control. So I was audacious enough to defend my interests and ambitions. I chose to be myself, that’s all.


How did you apprehend this job?

Considering the interview, I knew it wouldn’t be easy. I thought I would be managing a coffee shop, but they hired me to manage the Sales, Marketing and Special Events departments.


What are your short, mid and long-term projects?

Carrying out my current strategic plans. I give myself from six months to a year to reach all my sales, marketing and communications goals.


Is there any advice that you’d like to give to candidates who are thinking of attending Vatel? Or to students?

For candidates: Vatel gives you added value. A true investment that will never lose its value.
For students: sometimes people say that I do this too often, but I totally assume it: always aim for the moon.

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