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Entrepreneurial Mindset via

Entrepreneurial Mindset via "Liquid Sunshine"

Vincent Berthelot, just another third-year middler of ours, is no brick-and-mortar retailer. Yet, contrary to others, he already aces his line of production founded only last April.


Some 400 followers actively tune in to his Facebook and Instagram updates upon his capsule collection called Liquid Sunshine, going after the eponymous title song from Biga Ranx, the French hip hop musician.


Founded in collaboration with his college sweetheart, Victoria, his collection rooted in nautical culture from sports-inspired apparel, summer/ winter wear down to bucket hats and more, is a subtle ode to his first love, the ocean… A promise to deliver on quality and comfort. 


He says that he was initially surprised to find out that there was a huge demand for high-quality water sports clothing and apparel in Mauritius - “every time we replenish our stock, it gets sold out pretty fast or no less than a week’s time, he adds.


Interestingly it was last December 2020 that he truly started kicking ideas around his capsule collection. He says that he essentially saw it taking form online, surely during such trying times of COVID-19. “Pivoting with the readily available features of social media platforms, incorporating the marketing strategies and negotiation skills imparted to me by the institution was highly valuable” reveals the 22-year-old entrepreneur.


Vincent narrates that he used to watch his dad performing his freestyle range of water sports. It later grew on him too that he would follow suit one day till it was brought to his attention that there were many-a-surfer who make do with whatever apparel they had as high-quality Lycra wear was far too expensive for them”. So, “very probably that’s why Liquid sunshine is making wonders amid avid surfers in Mauritius” says the yesterday's birthday boy.


It is also because “just like footballers love to make a statement through their signature team T-shirt, surfers who seek to show off their love for the sea, wish to somehow resort to their own thingy” adds Vincent.


Do check out his Facebook and Instagram pages as of today via:


You will be spoilt for choice!


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