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"We are Series" via Raj Puddoo & Yakshini Hurrynarain

Blessed are those students who earn themselves an internship not only challenging but inspiring. Whilst, on a roll and enviable, are those who get the possibility to learn and evolve alongside their revered mentor.


As part of our "we are" series, we've pulled back the curtains onto the laudable bond between a mentor and a disciple - the exemplary collaboration of Rajendra Puddoo and Yakshini Hurrynarain over winter break 2020. 


Mr Raj Puddoo, aka Mr Puddoo for his students, was already in his first year of teaching as part-time Management Lecturer at Vatel Business School Mauritius. And Yakshini Hurrynarain was back then hunting for a challenging and stimulating work placement in partial fulfilment for her BA course requirements.


She subsequently approached her lecturer, as she wished to learn the ropes of corporate finance and accounting. Forthright, Mr Puddoo took her under his wings, knowing her as a student with the steadfastness to always persevere during her course of studies.


Ever since guided by the capable hands of someone as professional and supportive as Mr Raj, The third-year middler has learnt far more than she had initially settled down to – “I’ve been exposed to specific finance and accounting processes such as setting and estimating costs on a case-to-case basis (be it for customers and suppliers), preparing invoices as per the jobs assigned, payroll for employees amongst others.


With more than 20 years of experience in teaching Accounting, Financial Management and more aside from his actual position at Vatel, Mr Puddoo proved to be the best mentor ever for Yakshini.


It’s already been three months since she has completed her internship in company of her idol mentor, she says.


Yakshini adds that "there's no such thing as spoon-feeding with Mr Puddoo, and somehow this is what pushed me to give the very best of myself. “I am now being coached by the person who showed me the practical side to my theoretical classes, to fine-tune my final year’s business plan” – to which Mr Puddoo is only looking forward for the latter to complete the same with flying colours…

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