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Student life as seen by Ganeshwaree Sumbhoo - Vatel

Student life as seen by Ganeshwaree Sumbhoo

Hi everyone. I am Ganeshwaree Sumbhoo, a third-year middler at Vatel Business School Mauritius. I am someone pretty positive about every aspect of life.


Two years ago, the people-person I am, at heart and thirsty for knowledge, I embarked on the Vatel journey for its unique learning/ teaching approach. I got the marvellous opportunity to meet like-minded individuals.


Thanks to rigorous months of assignments, internships and traineeships, I could only apply theoretical sessions learnt in class to real-time situations. In effect, however challenging and overwhelming they turned out to be at times, all placements only proved for the better.


My first internship provided me with a broader understanding of this diverse industry. Whilst the second one though initially scheduled to be conducted abroad, I was held back in Mauritius itself out of the COVID-19 outbreak. It then came along as just another experience reinforcing my former decision to join Vatel Business School Mauritius. My confidence level rose by leaps and bounds.


These days, albeit the prevailing crisis, I can still say that nothing can prevent me from moving forward, from having a brighter future.


As the French saying goes, “Vouloir, c’est pouvoir”. My only heartfelt thought for you is to keep believing in your choices too!

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