New Orleans : A hurricane that is worth living!

Ms. Marianita PUDMAN acting as Food & Beverage Supervisor at The Roosvelt, New Orleans (A Waldorf Astoria Hotel)

New Orleans : A hurricane that is worth living!

Situated at 130 Roosevelt Way, New Orleans, Louisiana 70112, The Roosevelt, New Orleans (A Waldorf Astoria Hotel) has selected Marianita PUDMAN, student at Vatel Mauritius in Management 3 ( 3rd year of Bachelor Degree). 

The hospitality industry is a consistent form of employment in many areas, and a great place for young people to break into the professional world. While many positions are entry-level, others demand much skill and offer both great prestige and excellent compensation.

Properly trained employees are more confident in their work, and that confidence extends to the customer in an increased level of service. Knowing how to handle food, drinks, and related consumables properly extend beyond the kitchen. Servers will gain a better understanding of how to effectively handle plates of food and glasses of drinks, and, with increased awareness of proper procedures, every staff member will become more vigilant and responsible for the products served to guests. Plus, with the self-assurance that their kitchen and bar areas are handling food and drink properly, all members of the staff can take pride in what they’re doing.

Ms. PUDMAN is actually performing in the capacity of Food & Beverage Supervisor, with no less than 6 selling points.

Bravo Marianita...

The Vatel Mauritius Team