Vatel Mauritius Students - "An internship in USA is a real opportunity" - Maria Couronne

Maria Couronne - Actual student at Vatel Mauritius in internship in USA !

Vatel Mauritius Students -

After having done 2 years in another institution, Ms. Maria Couronne decided to take the next step to better shape her career and join Vatel Mauritius. She started in April 2018 directly in Management 3 (3rd year) of our Bachelor degree program. Looking forward to do her MBA, Maria has proven to the industry that she is a young women fully capable of important hospitality & tourism challenges. 

Maria is actually doing a 12 months internship at HILTON AUSTIN, TEXAS in United Stated of America. She will therefore celebrate Christmas and New Year 2019 far from her family and friends in Mauritius but has clearly understood that when one is willing to harvest a flower, a special attention needs to be given during the growth and flowering stage in order to obtain the best results. Effort forms part of the attributes to have within a Vatel's Student attitude and she will surely start a great career just after her studies!

Keep it up Maria!

The Vatel Mauritius Team