The Vatel International Business Game

 A serious management game in real time, the Vatel International Business Game is a one week competition between all 5th year students at all the Vatel Schools throughout the world.

Broken down into several steering committees, they must manage three companies belonging to the same group:

Vatel Holding, both the administrative hub and financial holding company;
Vatel City, an urban 300 four-star hotel near Paris;
Vatel Resort, a 150 room five-star seaside resort in the Indian Ocean.

Students, in real time simulation, must make commercial, financial, technical and personnel based decisions. When the game is over, the winning team is the one that has rolled out the best strategy and accumulated the highest number of points.

 This program was created by and for Vatel and differs from other simulation games in business schools by its innovative design and its perfect match with real issues in the international hospitality industry.

 It won a Worldwide Hospitality Award in the category “Best Educational Innovation".

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